You Will NEVER Recognise These Celebrities From Their Amazing Baby Photos

celebrity-babiesThey might look incredible with their designer clothes, make-up artists and personal trainers, but can you recognise these A List celebrities from their baby photos?

Be warned, it’s not easy!

There are 6 babies to choose from, so take a look, make your guess and see how many you recognise – do you really know your celebrities?

Celebrity Baby Photo 1

Before he was churning out pop hits for teenage girls everywhere, he was posing for photos just for his mum and dad. Guess who?


That’s right! It’s Justin Bieber! He was a cutie even back then!

Celebrity Baby Photo 2

He’s now a hollywood leading man with a fondness for risque selfies, but even in his very early days he wasn’t averse to posing for photos, as this cute pic shows – any ideas?


Yes, it’s James Franco – who else?

Celebrity Baby Photo 3

An Oscar nominated actress, but even at this age she still knew how to perform for the camera – this early shot showed her talent as she played the role of ‘foetus’ with aplomb.


Yes, of course, it’s British actress Kiera Knightley!

Celebrity Baby Photo 4

She might be able to ‘Shake it off’ these days, but once upon a time she couldn’t shake anything off, because she was a baby! Can you tell who she is?


That’s right, it’s American warbler Taylor Swift!

Celebrity Baby Photo 5

Once upon a time she was Destiny’s Child, but before that she was just her PARENTS’ child, take a look at this cutie and see if you can guess who she is!


That’s right, it’s multi-grammy award winner Beyonce!

Celebrity Baby Photo 6

Long before he was sucking blood from victims in the the movies, the only thing he sucked was milk from his mother’s bosom, and this photo was taken just weeks before that started! Can you guess who it is?


Yes, it’s Brit actor and star of the Twilight series, Robert Pattinson!

Do you have any amazing celebrity baby photos? If so, why not leave a link to them in the comments below?