How Will You Die? These 8 Questions Will Reveal Your Future!

How-will-you-die3Mortality is one of the biggest downsides to being human – but maybe you can enjoy your dwindling days by understanding your ultimate fate?

We have teamed up with world-renowned scientists to evaluate the many leading risk factors influencing human mortality to put together this test that will predict how you will die – with over 83%* accuracy!

Simply answer these 8 short questions TRUTHFULLY and our scientifically proven algorithm will calculate the method which is likely to take you off this mortal coil.

Will you go peacefully in your sleep aged 150? Or maybe a massive heart attack at 55 and it’s time to start exercising – take the test and find out now!

What's your idea of a good breakfast?

How much exercise do you get in an average week?

How many gangs are you affiliated to?

What is your current Body Mass Index (roughly)?

How did you get on in your last bar fight?

How many weapons do you carry?

How many units of alcohol do you consume each week?

How many mortal enemies / blood feuds have you accumulated to date?

 *Accuracy rounded up to the nearest 83%