The 6 Best Office-Based Practical Jokes Guaranteed To Make You The Life Of The Workplace

We have all been there. The office is quiet, it needs livening up, just a little something to bring a smile to the faces of your colleagues – and there’s no harm in making yourself look like the ‘funny one’ at the same time right?


Below are the 6 BEST sure-fire practical jokes guaranteed to have ANY office howling with laughter.  Be warned, you won’t get much work done after them!

1. Wrap their stuff in tin foil.

Sure, it takes a little while (probably best to do this while they’re at lunch), and foil isn’t cheap, but the reaction when they come back from lunch will be HILARIOUS!

2. Take the trackball out of their mouse

It won’t move the cursor on the screen – HILARIOUS!  Watch as they frantically move the mouse around in the hope of any movement on the screen.  There won’t be any, BECAUSE YOU STOPPED IT WORKING!

3. Kidnap your co-workers children

Sure, this one takes a bit of planning, but you can borrow someone’s car and pick up a balaclava at most clothing stores and a toy gun pretty much anywhere.  Wait until the school run, then BANG! Jump in and take the child and lock them up somewhere for the day.

Watch hilarity ensue as they get absolutely NO work done for the day, assuming they even bother to TURN UP TO WORK of course!

The look on their face when you return the child after a couple of days will be a picture, have your phone ready, that Vine will be gold!

4. Put cling film over the toilet seat

This works best if the toilet door is actually in full view of everyone in the office. Give them about 60 seconds then burst in with the door open and make sure everyone can see that urine has gone EVERYWHERE! HILARIOUS!

5. Push a pen through your co-workers eyeball

Nothing breaks the silence in a boring office like the chilling scream of someone who has just had their eyeball removed by a bic biro. It can get a bit messy, so don’t wear your best shirt on the day you’re thinking about doing this one!

6. Whoopee cushions!

Need we say more?