Should I Vaccinate My Child? Take This 60 Second Test And Find Out!

Should I vaccinate my child?The vaccination debate is one that remains contentious – with one side containing all of science and medicine, and the other a loud woman who was Playmate of the Year 1994 – but who is right?

What should YOU do?

We are sure you have asked yourself on numerous occasions, “Should I vaccinate my child?”, and it’s a difficult question, certainly, and one that you should not take lightly – we all know that.

So why not use our helpful test below, which will help you to decide whether to go down the vaccination route, or whether you’re the parent of a child that would be better off vaccine free.

Share your results and help others make an informed choice!

Do you love your child?

Should life and death decisions be based on the opinion of someone whose CV highlight is 'Playboy centrefold'

Does the thought of dead children excite you?

Which of these sentiments best describes 'Doctors'?

Are you a complete moron?