QUIZ! The General Election Debates Are Coming But Which Participant Are You?

election-debate-quiz-2015The UK general election is now in sight, and the leaders’ debates will soon be upon us – so who should you be rooting for?

You could of course just watch the debates, listen to their considered answers and then decide who you like best?

OR you could take our expensively assembled quiz which will tell you quite definitively which leader you are most like – and then support them wholeheartedly!

Simply answer the questions below honestly, and we’ll tell you which party leader you are most like.

And don’t forget to share your result with your friends!

What do you think of bacon sandwiches?

Your house is on fire, what's the first thing you save?

One of your party members has done something incredibly racist in public, what do you do?

The nation is suffering an unforeseen energy crisis - what do you do?

At the end of your term you're running a budget surplus of £100bn - what do you spend it on?

The UK is approached by an Alien race, what do you do?

You've got home from the pub and have a feeling you've left something behind, what's the first thing you check?