Dermatologists Hated Her And You Won’t Believe What They Did When They Finally Caught Her

Doctors-hated-herAfter infuriating dermatologists by selling a secret ‘look younger’ cream on the Internet, Sheila Matthews was finally cornered last night by a gang of angry skin doctors.

Matthews had been running a successful online business in which she sold an incredible $5 miracly skin cream for just $79.99, in a move dermatologists claimed had ‘decimated’ their industry.

Apparently people had stopped visiting skin doctors since her business was launched, and that had left the skin specialists absolutely furious.

However, in a shocking turn of events, Matthews was found MURDERED to death at her home yesterday evening.

A spokesperson for the police said, “We are currently looking for a group of angry dermatologists last seen leaving the the Matthews residence at approximately 2am last night.”

“They were wearing white coats and scrubs, like you’d imagine doctors to be wearing, and they looked really angry.”

“Mrs Matthews appears to have been tortured prior to death, for a secret she clearly did not want to give up.”

“I can’t imagine what it was, but clearly it was a secret worth dying over, because that’s what she did, and the dermatologists still looked angry when they left.”

“God help whoever leaves them furious next.”

Witnesses have been encouraged to contact their local police force with information.

  • Milton E. Findley

    I know a dermatologist or two, and they would like nothing more that to be put out of business given what they deal with. However, the writing is creative, and I hope it goes viral. There is a portion of our population that will not recognize it for what it is and they deserve the fruits of their slacking off in school.