About BuzzThump



We literally could not be happier that you want to know more about BuzzThump and the magical content that adorns our pages.

Below you will find answers to the questions you haven’t even thought to ask yet.

What is BuzzThump?

BuzzThump is a website dedicated to bringing you the viral content that really matters. Other sites might try and trick you into clicking onto content with little value, but we are dedicated to making you click on content that we’ve spent literally minutes making up entirely.

It’s what the Internet was born for.

Who is behind this site?

The small and committed team behind BuzzThump is the same team that also brought you websites such as NewsThump, and viral Twitter hits such as @UkipWeather. Between us we have written for television, radio, magazines and faceless corporate advertising shills.

But we have subsequently realised that little-known Internet sites is where it’s at. Obviously.

Where does your incredible content come from?

Sometimes our content is so incredibly viral you might be forgiven for thinking it was developed in a laboratory in an underground bunker somewhere – but rest assured it was not.

Every article on the site has been carefully crafted by a member of the BuzzThump team to leave you with no choice but to share it. For the avoidance of doubt, and for any lawyers reading, everything on these pages is completely made up.

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