8 Incredible Messages The Pope Gave To His Followers, You Won’t Believe #5!

Pope Francis has already become a firm favourite amongst Catholics for his modern views and kind heart, but did you know he also gives secret messages to his followers?

These messages were not meant for the public domain, but give an amazing insight into the Pope, what he cares about, and what he’s really like with the people closest to him.

Read below for 8 of the most incredible things that Pope Francis has ever said to his followers.

1. He’s a consumer champion

Pope on salad

2. He can be a little forgetful, like the rest of us


3. He’s creative and always looking for ways to improve the church

Pope Sequel

4. He is interested in normal stuff, just like you

Pope fantast football

5. He takes health and safety seriously

Pope on fish

6. He can be cranky, too

Pope on basilica

7. He might not have a queer eye, but he can do fashion with the best of them


8. He might be God’s chosen representative on Earth, but that doesn’t mean he’s not insecure