5 GUARANTEED Ways to Motivate Your Work Colleagues

Take a look around the office. Do you see happy and contented faces or does it feel like you’ve walked in on Morrissey’s stag do?

If you need to liven your colleagues up and make work a fun (when appropriate) place to be then we’ve got 5 tips guaranteed to put a smile on everyone’s face!

Goodbye office politics, hello office LOLitics!

Goodbye office politics, hello office LOLitics!

1. Cake Bake

Morale is low and tensions are running high. The systems are playing up and if you don’t hit that deadline you’re all going down.

Fire up your email and spread the word – it’s Cake Bake time!

The importance of the email you send cannot be overemphasised. It needs to grab your co-workers by the eyeballs and shout …..


Try and use lots of words that rhyme with cake and bake*.

Super fun pictures of cakes will also get people itching to put on their aprons and drop a cakebomb powerful enough to obliterate even the most stubborn negativity stains.



2. Dress Down Day

Smart trousers or a fetching blouse are essential for maintaining professionalism but sometimes it’s also essential to create a more relaxed atmosphere, and what better way to kick back than wearing casual trousers?!

Statistics prove that the productivity of office workers increases when they’re sometimes allowed to wear jeans.

Why not crank the wackiness up to 11 with a bonkerrific jumper?!



3. A Raffle

A hamper full of goodies is sure to get everyone excited!

It couldn’t be simpler! Fill a hamper with goodies and sell raffle tickets to your colleagues. Don’t draw the raffle until close to the end of the day, that way the excitement will be buzzing round the office all day!

Why not try doing a hamper-for-her and a hamper for him!!

 A hamper for the ladies!  And                    A hamper for the fellas!

A hamper for the ladies! And A hamper for the fellas!

4. Quizzes, Word Searches and colouring in

If it’s a special time of year like Valentine’s Day or Halloween then why not have a quiz or wordsearch about it?!

You could have a prize for the winner or it could be just for…


Either way everyone will be itching to get involved!


5. A Team Night Out

The chances are that you spend more time in the company of your work colleagues than you do with your family. You can strengthen that bond even further by enjoying a fab night out!

Whether it’s a trip to the cinema, a night in the pub, a delicious meal at a reasonably priced restaurant or an illegal rave, it’s great to get to know people outside of the work environment.

Don’t overdo it though! You’ve got to face everyone back at work and it can be a bit awkward if you ended up calling your boss a ‘fucking dirty old cunt’ or plunged your ballbag into Miriam’s gin and tonic.


There’s always one!


*Words that rhyme with cake and bake: take, fake, ache, break, flake. Why not see if you can come up with some your own!