10 Incredible Back To The Future Easter Eggs You Definitely Won’t Have Seen If You’re Super Unobservant

Back to the Future Easter EggsBack to the Future may have been the best film of the 1980s, but did you know there were a number of hidden secrets inside those magical 116 minutes?

Below we’ve outlined 10 incredible ‘easter eggs’ you might have missed if you’re a particularly unobservant movie goer, and we think it will improve your enjoyment of the film, even now, thirty years later.

We promise, you’ll never watch that film the same way again!

  1. Einstein is the name of Doc’s dog, which is a nod to another famous scientist called Albert Einstein. Google him, you’ll be amazed at what he did.
  2. Marty McFly is pestered by a lady trying to “Save the Clock Tower” – pay attention to this, as this fact established early in the film actually plays an important role later on when they try to go back to the future – you might have guessed, but it’s the same clock tower as the one in 1955!
  3. The girl who undresses Marty McFly in 1955 and tries to kiss him is MARTY’s MUM! We’re not trying to freak you out, but it is. They used the same actress and everything.
  4. ‘Butthead’ was a common insult in the 1950s and is actually a way for Biff to articulate his dislike for someone. We know, we’re like Google Translate for the 1950s!
  5. Principal Strickland never had any hair, that is the joke.
  6. When Marty says to the baby, “You better get used to these bars kid” it seems like a confusing line, definitely, but if you look behind the obvious meaning it’s because that kid grows up to be Marty’s prison-bound uncle. He made a future joke and you didn’t even notice!
  7. Why does everyone think Marty McFly is the designer Calvin Klein? It’s because sewing your name into your underpants was a common thing in the 1950s, and so when his mother undressed him she accidentally thought that was his name. If it happened today she would probably just go, ‘nice underpants’.
  8. Back in 1955 Doc climbs that building in a storm whilst everyone else is at a party for a reason. Look back to number 2 in the list – NOW do you know why the Doc sets up all those wires and things – see, it’s starting to make sense, isn’t it? No? Oh. Ok.
  9. Things seem different when Marty gets back to 1985, and that is because Marty has actually CHANGED time. You might have been confused that it all seemed a bit different, and the people were different, but that IS THE POINT!
  10. The original lives of his parents and siblings have disappeared completely, forever erased. The happy times they had as children have gone, and the shared memories they created between them have vanished for eternity, such was Marty’s insistence in messing with the timelines – but he seems to be quite happy about it.  What if his sister had met the love of her life the day before he went back to 1955. That’s right Marty, you just keep on smiling at your new truck, you prick.

Now go and watch the film again, we dare you!