10 Amazing Facts You DEFINITELY Didn’t Know About These Famous Movies


Everyone loves a good movie, but your enjoyment of these movie classics can only be enhanced when you know these incredible facts.

1. In Raiders of the Lost Ark, a seven minute long choreographed battle was initially recorded between Indy and the Arab swordsman. Shortly after, Harrison Ford got into a real argument with the actor and shot him dead. The cast and crew thought this was so funny, it was eventually used instead of the original scene.

2. Before the chestburster scene in Ridley Scott’s Alien, the cast didn’t realise they were in a film, and thought they had won a day out at Shepperton Studios. It was only after they were covered from head to toe in blood and guts during lunch that Scott broke the news.

3. Half way through the filming of Alex Proyas’ The Crow, Colin (the bird playing the crow) was mauled to death by the assistant director’s cat. Remaining scenes were either re-written, or filmed using a digitally altered sparrow.

4. In the full take of Jack Nicholson’s axe-wielding rampage around the Overlook Hotel in The Shining, the actor improvised himself into an entirely different film genre, spending twenty two minutes performing a musical dance number. Kubrick was so upset by the incident, he physically attacked Shelley Duvall.

5. The stormtrooper banging his head in the opening scene of Star Wars: Episode IV: A New Hope was scripted. Lucas intended to explain the origins of the character’s clumsiness in the prequel trilogy, but he forgot.

6. The mechanical shark used in Jaws was so realistic, producers forced Spielberg into hiding it from view for most of the film in case film-goers confused it for a wildlife documentary. It was initially scheduled to be present in 95 percent of the movie.

7. Mel Gibson attempted to justify the appearance of his Calvin Klein boxers in the first release of Braveheart by instigating an archaelogical dig. He triumphantly declared that some similar garments had been dug up on a battle site near Inverness, but had to back down when they were found to be his – left over from the set.

8. In Dr Strangelove, Peter Sellers plays a total of thirty nine different roles, including General Buck Turgidson’s secretary, the B-52 Bomber, and the Coca-Cola machine.

9. If you pause the infamous leg-crossing scene in Basic Instinct at exactly the right moment, and zoom in, you can see a small boy standing behind a curtain in the background. This was finally explained in 2008 to be a cardboard cut-out of Sharon Stone’s estranged son, which she carried around with her.

10. During the filming of Apollo 13, Tom Hanks became stuck in his spacesuit, and couldn’t get out of the model spaceship. He was finally able to reenter the set after NASA created a model of the situation, and guided him through the zipper process.